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Lingerie companies have come and gone. Products, styles and obvious fads become outdated while several companies have had difficulty keeping afloat financially. But one thing that remains constant is The Lingerie Post. As one of the oldest non-partisan lingerie websites, we pride ourselves in providing the most up-to-date information on lingerie labels, accessories and current trends. Since we are not motivated by the promotion of one company or brand over another, we are able to express both the positive and negative sides of things. But we do like to play nice, and are keen to show every lingerie piece in its most favorable light. Needless to say, we have also shown some real oddities and had a laugh or two at some of the products on the market.

By keeping our posts “real” and even trying out some of the products ourselves, we feel that you, our users, get the most out of the site. We are passionate about lingerie and believe that while every woman is beautiful wearing elegant undergarments, at the same time, the pieces must be comfortable and serviceable. And, since we are just a small group of the female population, it only makes sense that we provide a lingerie forum where other women may express their opinions about brands that they have tried and continue to use. The forum gives everyone an outlet to find out what is new in the world of undergarments and casual clothing. We even have seen men stop by when they need help buying lingerie for the females in their lives. They ask questions and everyone is only too eager to advise.

In addition to the main blog where we post two or three updates per day, and the forum where everyone can come together and interact with each other, we also maintain a page dedicated to sales or discounts from various suppliers. Again, we do not sell lingerie ourselves, but prefer to bring awareness to both the brands and the prices. We see sales around the internet and let you know when they start and end. Since no outside lingerie company has an investment in the site, no single company receives any particular favoritism when we publish information about their products or sales.

Furthermore, we have spent a considerable amount of resources on The Lingerie Post. The site has been upgraded technically several times, and the website layout has been redesigned. As we experience a larger user base, we regularly update the server in order to keep the site live and fast loading. All of this is done to make your browsing experience with us as pleasant and as enjoyable as possible. Cutting corners is not our style, and we eagerly strive to develop new features for the site. In fact, one of the newest features is The Lingerie Post Video site.

Appropriately named Lingerie TV, this exciting feature is going to highlight interesting videos we find while searching the internet. We already have quite a few loaded, just waiting for you to peruse. And we have chosen three categories in which to group the videos. “Brands” which is rather obvious so you can search for the companies and labels you like best; “Catwalk” which will prove most exciting since many of you never get to actually see the models on the runway; and “Retro” which is one of the most popular trends in lingerie for 2010.

As you have probably already surmised, if you want up-to-the-minute news in lingerie, swimwear, casual wear, undergarments, and accessories, your first choice must be The Lingerie Post. Everyone will gladly welcome you!